Wednesday, January 17, 2018

About Dakhall Institute Limited


DAKHALL is a Ghanaian registered limited liability company established in the year 2009. The company does not issue its own certificates to students but rather provides teaching/lecturing support for some recognised and reputable professional programmes in Ghana and around the globe. Sometimes it becomes difficult when individuals want to pass such courses especially those in the working class. After the introduction of Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of London international programmes in the year 2011,most of our students have successfully completed the LLB and have gained admission into the Ghana Law School and some are also writing the LLM.The company is run by a team of lawyers and chartered accountants together with other distinguished professionals.

Because of its high sense of professionalism, DAKHALL has increasingly gained recognition among the top reputable Universities, companies, organisations and various institutions in Ghana and around the world. One good thing about this company is that, it has designed an incentive scheme for students to support them financially. Secondly, it has partnered an NGO who issue sponsorships to students to pay their fees.

With reference to the Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB), DAKHALL has structured the tuition in such a way that students pay less i.e students are taught for only two semesters, which means, students are supposed to pay only one year's fees. It is assumed that students shall be well equipped to read the subsequent papers themselves and pass. However, if a student wish to continue having lectures they are registered as continuous students but only pay for per paper basis at a very minimal rate.

The company is governed by either 3 or 5 member board of directors whose tenure of office expires at the end of every 12 months. Their performance is reviewed by the shareholders every year to either retain or change a director through voting. DAKHALL believes that there should be alternative and flexible ways of learning to develop oneself without attending a full fledged University.